Cartier replica Jewelry design stage: first, the production of jewelry design. Two is, marketing type of jewelry design. Three is the strategic type of jewelry design. Cartier Jewelry industry development stage, reflects the role of jewelry design in the jewelry industry, determines the status of the jewelry industry’s industry. Following a brief analysis of the role and influence of jewelry design in these 3 stages.

Production type of Cartier jewelry design

Although the design of this stage is low, mainly to manufacture technology, evaluation of the level of jewelry design is: “to facilitate the production of the design is a good design, able to express clearly the drawings are good drawings”. The production based Discount Cartier jewelry design emphasizes the close combination of design and plate making. The concept of design at this stage as if it were raining flowers without the market. Transformation style is the core work of Cartier jewelry designers, so called “drawing” this title is more appropriate. For Fake Cartier jewelry enterprise, without too much of the budget is spent on design, most of the jewelry enterprise are not their own design department, rely on is to buy a cheap copy version, version of the division “is the jewelry enterprise core characters, Discount Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry designer did not influence, do auxiliary work for version. So we can call this stage the jewelry designer as a “helper” designer “.