In daily life, if you master some knowledge of jewelry, someone will ask you: “how much money to buy this Cartier jewelry knockoffs, the value is not worth?” “Would you please estimate a price for me, how much is this jewelry worth?” Etc.. Of the questions with the expectation of the look in the eyes, full of hope for your answer, you answer with his close to the desired value, happy, and your answer below his expectations, so regret, tangled face floating on the cheek. Frequently appear in the daily life of the share price, strictly speaking is not an assessment”. Need to evaluate a a set of rules, a certain standard, specification of amnesty program, make a value assessment, on the basis of the facts, quant, integrity and to be more responsibility.

Prior to the introduction of jewelry assessment, we need to have a general understanding of Discount Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry.

Process of decoration. Varieties of gold jewelry, silver jewelry, inlaid jewelry gold jewelry and inlaid jewelry, silver jewelry, etc.. Because of the use of gold, silver and precious jewelry, did not act as a symbol of wealth is regarded as a symbol of wealth. The special concept of jewelry, highlighting the wearer’s social status and artistic taste. Narrow concept of jewelry in the community has been recognized, can be secured, pawn, converted into money. Cartier LOVE necklace pendant is a special concept of jewelry.