When purchasing a genuine Swarovski crystal jewelry, we often ask ourselves how do I verify a Swarovski Crystal.

First and far most a genuine Swarovski crystal bead has precision cuts with equal facets, no matter what size it is. Then comes the color of a genuine Swarovski bead, the color and color effects on the bead are consistent, as they have tremendous sparkle and shine like no other crystal bead. What about the shape and size of a Swarovski bead? Well these are consistent also.

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When we are looking at a fake crystal bead, the size of the bead is often off by a few millimeters, as we assemble them together we will notice that the beads will not meet in the centers therefore rendering them uneven in size. The best part is that either bead whether genuine swarovski crystal or fake crystals can be verified with the naked eye making it easy to distinguish which one is a Swarovski crystaland which one is a fake crystal. As shown in the image above.

Swarovski crystals are precise quality cut lead crystals due to the fact that the manufacturing process implements the strictest quality control laws. State of the art high precision machines are used, very similar to the process in which diamonds are cut.

The Swarovski crystal manufacture stands by the quality and consistency of their product by certifying that every Swarovski crystal is 99.8% accurate in cut, color and shape. Therefore at 99.8% accuracy you can be sure that the Swarovski Crystal is a genuine crystal.

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