(1) the jewelry design is a kind of commercial activity. The designer’s task is to use human knowledge and rules to create material civilization, jewelry design must uphold the combination of rigorous scientific spirit and modeling aesthetics and Cartier jewelry knockoffs brands provide creative and practical product design solutions and professional knowledge knowledge to maximize the increase product added value, enhance the competitiveness of their products, create brand value, for the customer to provide “art” of the commodity.


(2) the Cartier replica jewelry design is a creative intellectual activity. The whole process of design, designers need to put forward different conception and idea, flexible use of knowledge and experience in handling technical and economic ability and excellent quality, style, to creatively seek design goal and task of the realization.


(3) the jewelry design is a comprehensive, decision-making, iteration, optimization process. The Cartier design process is the input information processing, judgment and decision making – > comprehensive output information, is the process of the optimal design scheme, structure parameters, and seek the satisfaction of the. Cartier inspired jewelry Design process is also an information integration, feedback (or iteration), the exchange process. As a result of the design requirements and constraints and the constraints of a variety of constraints, and even contradictory, although the optimization, but also can be integrated, weighing various factors to achieve relatively satisfactory results.