Iridescent is an optical phenomena when the sunshine refract into the drop during sky. You can see it often after rain, its curve shape and colorful. It has seven colors; from the outside to inside are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple. Crystal jewelry Rhinestones Flower Series Gold/Silver Plating Necklace Set is use colorful shining rhinestones to show you a beautiful iridescent. 

Iridescent always gives others a feeling of colorful. Austrian Crystal jewelry Set use light colors to explain the iridescent theme. Light blue, light pink, light yellow, so many colors becoming flowers inlaid on the necklace and making a wonderful iridescent effective. It looks like the flower bloom on the iridescent, colorful and beautiful.

Iris is the God of iridescent in Greek tale. Ancient people thought the iridescent is the connection of the sky and ground, so Iris is thought to be the messenger of God and Human. She delivers people pray, happiness, sadness, hate and wish to God: meanwhile, she also delivers God's wills to human so she was called the messenger of God voice. Also the messenger of God, she is different to Hermes, Hermes always change God's will according to his willing. And Iris never show her willing when she deliver the wills. The artistic form of Iris is a girl with wings and a cup in her hands; she often appears with Hera represent iridescent also the female messenger. Crystal necklace wholesale Set is obviously the God of iridescent; it also has the duty to deliver the information of love. It is said that if lovers go through the bridge of iridescent and deliver your love to your lover, their love can keep forever. And the wide belt design of Crystal Rhinestones Flower Series Gold/Silver Plating Necklace Set looks like a bridge, add these rhinestones, it looks like the surrounding of the iridescent light up and make you positioned in a wonderful Eden.

Jewelry designer always wants to deliver the best wishes to you. Also the Crystal Rhinestones Flower Series Gold/Silver Plating Necklace Set. The concise design with a light wonderful bring people a feeling of comfortable.

Wearing Swarovski Crystal Necklace Set and be the beautiful messenger of love.