Cartier design to create brand value, in the era of the independent brand, Cartier jewelry design will become a part of the business strategy, design strategy will become enterprise brand strategy for the trial to be part of, the Cartier jewelry design to create new business value for the brand. The first is the product image recognition become possible, jump off the product homogeneity constraints, each brand has its own personality, this personality will also be reflected in the business of all product family members. In addition, the design method will be more emphasis on team cooperation and cross-border cooperation, team members will come from a broader field, such as brand planning experts, marketing experts, materials experts, technicians, software experts and so on. Product design to become the core of the brand strategy,Cartier Replica jewelry designers to grasp the absolute right to say, the team members around the jewelry design department.

When the commodity exchange become the main distribution of social resources, jewelry has the commercial value, jewelry design is in the commercialization of the competition under the appearance of the commercialization of the jewelry design features:

With the rise of the commercialization of the potential demand for the public, the design of human beings has entered a new stage. Productivity greatly improved the design from the production of labor completely separated, organization degree deepen, Replica cartier love bracelet product design gradually specialized design talents and professional design organization monopoly so far, Cartier design to real business goods, and in the industrial age to the “hot” state. Exchange behavior of the intervention, so that designers in addition to consider the use of value, but also have to consider the design of the exchange value. And businesses in order to get profits, and constantly tap the potential needs of consumers. DTC to “Diamond forever, a permanent spread of the value of the pursuit of the diamond market, so that Cartire knockoffs jewelry has become a necessity of marriage. This type of design is oriented design, the emotional appeal and elements into the product, and guide the public to enter the desired consumer.